Hi, I'm Naiyer

a full-stack developer from Bengaluru, India

Currently, I'm a backend engineer on an Aviation product where I write microservices using Spring Boot. From time to time, I also contribute to my organization's design system.

In the past, I worked on site reliability, frontend, and ETL projects solving problems for the products in Legal & Compliance, Document Processing, and Banking & Financial Services domains.

I'm most experienced on

However, I've also worked reasonably often on

Reading, mainly science fiction, fantasy, and manga, is my passion. I also like to draw vector icons and illustrations; the logo of this site, and the illustrations and several icons used on it were drawn by me. I'm a sucker for beautiful typography and new tools that improve my learning process, recollection, and productivity.

About this site

This site began as a pet project while I was learning Vue.js and GraphQL. It helped me get my bearing around the Vue.js community, accessibility, web performance, and more.

Most of the posts here use a tutorial-style format to document a concept or process for my colleagues, peers, and myself. They serve as a reference for what I've learned, and a source of criticism and scorn constructive feedback.


Please treat the code samples as a demonstration of the topic under discussion. They are optimized for learning and not for use in the production codebase. Discuss with your peers before using them in an existing application.

Feel free to look around and contact me with any questions at @Microflash (which is the namesake of this site) on Twitter.


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The source of this site is available under MIT, the content under CC by SA.