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Skipping the GitLab CI
GitLab CI is a pretty nifty tool to run your CI pipelines using Docker. At times, you may want to skip it, though, e.g., when you update a README or LICENSE. Learn how to accomplish this in different ways.
Error handling for a Spring-based REST API
Spring Boot provides useful defaults to handle exceptions and formulate a helpful response. However, in many cases, some customization might be needed. Learn how to customize error responses returned by a REST API with some usecases when Spring Security comes into the picture.
API Documentation with springdoc-openapi
Springdoc is an open-source project that adds support for OpenAPI Specification 3 (OAS 3) in a Spring Boot application. Learn how to use Springdoc with a reactive Spring Boot project.
Polymorphic Requests with Jackson
How should you receive requests of different structure through an API using Jackson? This post talks about how polymorphism can be used in such cases and the Jackson configuration required to handle them.
Customize the PowerShell prompt
How to customize the PowerShell Core prompt to display the current Git branch using VT sequences and save it in a profile?
Securing Spring Boot APIs with JWT Authentication
JSON Web Tokens (JWTs) are a standard to transmit the information as a JSON object. An application can glean sufficient authentication information from them, saving trips to the database. Learn how to create a Spring Boot API and secure it using Spring Security and JWT-based authentication.
Querying Postgres with Spring Data and Micronaut Data
Micronaut Data is a database toolkit that generates the code at compile-time with type checks to ensure the repository methods fail early when incorrectly implemented. Learn how to use it with a JDBC backend and Spring Data Repository.
Logging on Node.js with winston
winston is a popular logger for Node.js to format and store the logs. It supports custom logging levels, streaming logs and custom transports to save the logs. Explore how to log messages to the console as well as a file.
Building Docker images for Java applications
With the rise of container-first Java frameworks, there's never been a better time to embrace Java in a continuous cloud-native workflow. Learn how to improve and enhance building the Docker images for Java applications that are packaged as JARs.
Syncing with a massive Git upstream
If a repository has an extremely long history or large size, contributing to it can become a challenge. Git downloads the entire history on a clone. How to make such clones fast, lean and nimble?