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guide∼2 min
Code Formatting with Prettier
Prettier is an opinionated code formatter that formats the code in a consistent style. It supports popular languages, libraries, and frameworks in the Node.js ecosystem and is widely used to enforce...
guide∼3 min
Using Express with TypeScript
TypeScript has been gaining popularity and adoption for a while as a strongly-typed flavor of JavaScript. And Express has been a fan-favorite for writing JavaScript backends. So how do we use them...
guide∼5 min
Messaging with RabbitMQ and Spring Boot
RabbitMQ is an open-source message broker that implements several messaging protocols, including AMQP and STOMP. It is frequently used to queue messages and interact with queues. A RabbitMQ server...
guide∼5 min
Code Coverage with JaCoCo and Maven
Code coverage is a measure of how much of your code executes when the automated tests run. Depending on how effectively your tests are written, it can provide a good picture of how much you are...
guide∼7 min
Uploading files with Spring Boot and Angular
Give yourself some time in software development and you'll eventually come across file upload problems of varying complexity. Consider this one: you want a Spring backend to upload a file through an...
guide∼7 min
Communicating with containers on Docker network
Say, you've an Angular app that talks to a backend service through a network. Both of them are running in separate containers, which can be on the same or different Docker stack(s). You want only the...